November is a good month to visit France and there’s plenty to do. Photography is to the fore, with top exhibitions in Paris and other cities. November celebrates Armistice Day at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month when the peace treaty was signed ending World War I.

Updated on September 27, 2021

NB. You will have to have the pass sanitaire, or confirmation of your vaccinations against covid-19 for ticketed events or those indoors.

If you are travelling to France, please check the rules under the covid regulations here.

Paris chocolate show with model in dress made of chocolate
Paris Salon du Chocolat © Julien Millet

To Nov 1, 2021: Paris Chocolate Fair at Porte de Versailles is just delicious…and surprising. 700 or so chocolatiers, pastry chefs and other professionals set out their wares. It’s totally irresistible, and very expensive. There are tasting sessions and cookery demonstrations, children’s pasty-making workshops and more. But most startling is the fashion show where dresses made of chocolate challenge your ideas of frocks.

Chaumont garden festival garden with wooden deck chair among beds of wild flowers
Chaumont Garden Festival © Eric Sander

To Nov 7, 2021: The International Garden Festival at the beautiful Chaumont-sur-Loire château in the Loire Valley is like the Chelsea Flower Show of France, except that it goes on for just over 7 months. The Château and grounds are lovely and the festival of a series of gardens from international designers always delivers some surprises. This year the theme is spot on: Biomimcry in the Garden. As the Director Chantal Colleu-Dumond says ‘Understanding and imitating living systems and, in particular, natural ecosystems is one of the keys to our future’.

Dijon Market Place
Dijon Market Place © Alain Doire/Bourgogne Tourisme

To Nov 112021: Dijon International Gastronomic Fair in Burgundy is a serious event. Plenty of demonstrations, tastings, workshops, stalls and of course a wonderful restaurant. Burgundy is well known for its top foods (Bresse chicken!), so don’t miss this one.

Chartres lit up with bridge illuminated and people walking across river
Chartres lit up Chartres Tourist Office/F. Delaunay

To Dec, 2021: Chartres en lumières sees this wonderful city illuminated for its annual festival of light. It’s nightly so there’s no excuse to miss it. It runs from dusk to 1am.

Paris Festival Wichaya Artamat with stuffed penguin in front or man in yellow robes and surreal strange background
Paris Festival: Wichaya Artamat

To Feb 18, 2022: Paris Autumn Festival is a huge arts events, taking in every discipline and taking place in many different venues throughout Paris. Around 50 events give a great introduction to the new and the avant-garde. It was created in 1972 by Michel Guy under the impetus of Georges Pompidou who wanted Paris to become a cultural capital. He succeeded; today around 150,000 people attend one of the events.

Events starting in France in November

Halloween at Disneyland Paris showing witch dressed in black with arms outstretched as if flying atinst chaotic background of branches
Halloween at Disneyland Paris © Disney

November 1, 2021:  All Saints’ Day (La Toussaint). It’s a great public holiday in France when many go away for the whole week before shutting up their second homes for the winter. Many shops, banks and businesses are closed. It may not be Halloween as the UK and USA know it, but nonetheless popularity is growing for dressing up, pumpkins and witches. It’s becoming a significant event in France in November. Here’s how the French do Halloween!

Black and white photo with Hitler walking away from the railway carriage where the 1940 Armistice was signed
Hitler at the railway carriage after signing the Armistice Public domain

Nov 11, 2021: Armistice Day is a public holiday in France. Every village, town and city has parades to honour the L’armistice de la Première Guerre Mondiale commemorating the end of World War 1. At exactly 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, Armistice Day, one-minute’s silence is held and France stops as people reflect on the past. Here is where the Armistice was signed, at the Armistice Museum in the forest of Compiegne in Picardy.

Paris Photo Exhibition with woman in winter clothes standing in a gallery looking at photos; one of man against steel pillars at back
Paris Photo Exhibition

Nov 11-14, 2021: Paris Photo in part of the Grand Palais has over 140 galleries from 33 countries showing exceptional works. The largest international photo fair, there are talks and awards for photo books along with interviews and discussions with artists, gallery owners, collectors and the enthusiastic public. Even the catalogue is a work of art. Other galleries and museums in Paris highlight their photographic collections.

Dieppe Herring Festival in evening with yellow sunset and people walking along harbour and seagulls above
Dieppe Herring Festival © J. Decaux – Normandy Tourism

Nov 13-14, 2021: The Herring and Coquilles Saint-Jacques Festival in Dieppe is a fabulous (and odorous) celebration of these famous fishes, so necessary to Normandy. Join the 100,000 odd enthusiasts for two days of tasting, discussing the merits of, and enjoying every kind of cured herring and Coquille Saint-Jacques.

Check the website above for other herring festivals in Normandy.

Fotofever photo apartment
Fotofever @Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

Nov 13-15, 2021: Fotofever in the Carousel du Louvre in Paris showcases contemporary photography and has the aim of turning you into a collector. 900 international photographers with just 30-copy editions in all formats included works under 1,000 euros. A prize is given annually to a young art school graduate.

Bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau on table with flowers and vinesin background
Beaujolais Nouveau. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Nov 18, 2021: At midnight the famous Nouveau Beaujolais is released. The Nouveau Beaujolais est arrive sign appears in restaurants all over the world and though the wine is not the greatest (far too young), it’s a fun evening. The best place to celebrate is Lyon, capital of the Beaujolais region in the Place des Terreaux. Organised by young wine producers, it’s a festival with fireworks, tastings, street theatre and more. All the local bouchons (restaurant in Lyon) offer special menus. The celebrations run over 5 days throughout the country. It’s one of the major global celebrations of events in November in France.
If you’re not in France, you can officially buy the wine wherever you are at 12.01am on the day of release.

Nov 18-21, 2021: The International Festival of Animal and Nature Photography takes place in Montier-en-Der in Haute Marne, Grand Est, north east France. It’s a must for fans of nature, taking major environmental themes each year. Images are displayed inside and outside and there are talks and video screenings.

hospice de beaune old buildings with coloured tiles
Hospice de Beaune. Michel Baudoin

Nov 21, 2021: The Beaune Wine Auction is the most famous in the world. Taking place over a weekend, it’s not just the wine auction, conducted by Christie’s that is the attraction. All the major vineyards open their cellars for tastings, and there’s plenty to see and do. You must book tickets in advance.

Cannes Dance Festival with two figures - lady with back gowards us in full skirt and bikini style top with strange figures looking like a Martian opposite
Cannes Dance Festival with Castafiore group © castafiore-systems

Nov 27-Dec 12, 2021: Cannes Dance Festival. You might think Cannes is just about film, but Cannes is also known for dance, cemented by the opening of the Rosella Hightower International Dance Centre in 1961 which trains young talent. The annual dance festival is quite superb with an exciting line up of contemporary dancers and spectacle.

Arras Christmas Market. Mary Anne Evans

Late November–December 31, 2021: Christmas Markets take place all over France. Strasbourg is particularly important; in north France make for Arras. It’s a good way to celebrate events in November in France just in time for Christmas.

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