Events in France in July 2024 are dominated by the Paris Olympics. They may start at the end of July and go on into August, but it has meant many events take place earlier than usual. It’s a particularly packed month with something to see and do in every region and every big city. The other big events in France in July 2024 are the famous Tour de France, Bastille Day, and the continuing summer-long Normandy Impressionist Festival.

cyclists riding away from camera in 2022 tour de france with manic people some in only shorts lining the road dangerously close to riders
2022 Alpe d’Huez © ASO/Pauline Ballet

Check out the events in France in July 2024 to help plan your visit in advance.

To Jul 5, 2024: Les Flaneries de Reims is a delightful classical music festival that also includes world music and jazz. Around 60 concerts, many of them free, take place around the city: in the St. Remi Basilica, the Opera, the Manège de Reims Circus, the Palace of Tau and Reims Station Forecourt. A big outdoor picnic finishes the festival. Free shuttles take people from one part of the city to another. 

Flaneries de REims in dimly lit cathedral with orchestra at end lit up and audience on pews
Flaneries de Reims © JB Delarue

To Jul 6, 2024: The Anjou Festival now in its 72nd season has become the second biggest outdoor theatre event in France. The festival presents a varied programme in historic venues. 

Anjou Festival showing large chateau courtyard with stage to right and banks of seats to left. Overall view from above
Anjou Festival © Christophe Martin

To Jul 7, 2024: La Rochelle International Film Festival on the French Atlantic coast explores the world of films from everywhere. 250 films, historic and contemporary are shown at a festival that prides itself on the unusual and the unknown (many are not distributed through the usual channels). Retrospectives rediscover forgotten works and stars. This year it’s the turn of Marcel Pagnol, the great influencer on 20th century literature, theatre and cinema. Older generations remember films with Fernandel and others; younger ones remember Manon des Sources. New films bring European and international works to the audience. And international stars always come to this festival.

Black and white photo of film Marium by Marcel Pagnol made in Marseille in 1931 showing old car with film crew looking at cafe as man walks in
Marius film made in Marseille in 1931 by Paramount

To Jul 16, 2024: Jazz à Vienne, Isère, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Great names lined up for this annual popular jazz festival held in the Théâtre Antique which can hold over 7,000 spectators. Over 200,000 people descend on the city to see the performances at venues from Jazz Mix to the Cybèle stage. There’s a Jazz Parade and if you’re near Vienne you might catch the Caravan’Jazz which travels around the local communes. Isère is a fabulous place to visit (there’s more on Isère here).

Jazz a Vienne festival withcrowds in tiered seats to the right and centre looking at lit stage on left with jazz musicians
Jazz a Vienne © Auvergne/Rhône-Alpes Tourisme

To Jul 16, 2024: Les Nuits de Fourvière in the Gallo-Roman theatres of Lyon is a magical feast of theatre, music, dance, opera and circus. Around 60 performances are watched by over 130,000 spectators.

Nuits de Fourviere festival in Lyon showing huge stage covered and round stage in front about to be lifted on stage behind
Nuits de Fourvière Stage © Erclairbair/CC-BY-SA 4.04.0

To Jul 21, 2024: Tour de France. The world’s greatest cycling race starts in Florence then goes to Turin before crossing into France. Due to the Paris Olympics, the Tour will finish for the first (and only) time in Nice.

2022 Tour de France in mountains with big mountains in background and cuclists on mountain road with deep drop behind them
Tour de France 2022 Lourdes / Hautacam © ASO/Charly Lopez

To Jul 21, 2024: Avignon Festival. Founded in 1947 this festival has grown to become one of the biggest for international contemporary live performance events. It’s a beautiful city, so seeing a performance here is truly magical. Over 130,000 people come for theatre, visual arts, dance and music. Every night there’s a premiere of a new work.

Dark stage with performers and papal palace b ackdrop avignon festival
Avignon Festival

To Jul 22, 2024:  Chorégies d’Orange started in 1869, making it the oldest festival in France. It’s held in the magnificent Roman Théâtre Antique, which seats 8,600 people, has superb acoustics and puts on popular operas and classical music.

Full view of the stage at the Roman Theatre in Orange with its stage and stone backdrop with statues carved and freestanding. Steps onto stage
Roman Theatre in Orange © Jean-Louis Zimmermann OT Orange

To Jul 23, 2024: Summer Sales throughout France.

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And…Flea markets and brocante fairs are always great entertainment.

La Brocante de Brigitte in Le Perche, Normandy showing complete jumble of odd objects from a half bust of a woman in plaster with hat and cloak on to glasses, jugs, objects hanging from the wooden rafters
La Brocante de Brigitte in Le Perche, Normandy

To Jul 20, 2024: Festival de Nîmes in Occitanie. Music festival with a big line up includes Eric Clapton, Suzanne Vega, James Blunt and many more. The festival has been wowing the crowds 1997 and is one of the important festivals in the south of France. But hurry; many concerts are sold out.

Dragon Force on stage at Nimes Arena with blue instruments nad blue lights and huge lighting trusses above stage
Dragon Force at the Nîmes Arena © Wikimedia Commons/Don-vip 4

To Jul 31, 2024: Carcassonne Festival is fabulous in a superb setting. 120 shows (80 of which are free in the OFF festival) are performed on 11 stages taking in opera, theatre, dance, music classes. With over 250,000 visitors it’s one of the biggest festivals in France.

Carcassone Festival ballet with two igures, male supporting tutu-clad ballerina in full stretch pose on one toe
Carcassone Festival © Julien Benhamou

To Sep 8, 2024: Paris Jazz Festival. 25 free festivals spread over the summer take place in the Parc Floral in  jazz, world music and Afro-American music (soul, blues). Along with the concerts, there are workshops where you can make instruments from salvaged objects, introductions to percussion and conferences as well as a sound discovery area for children in the Botanic Garden. All concerts and activities are free; there’s a charge for admission to the park.

Janoska Ensemble at Paris Jazz with 3 men with instruments posing beside piano player and orange background
Janoska Ensemble at Paris Jazz © Andreas Biternesch

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To Sep 22, 2024: Impressionist Destination in Normandy celebrates the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Impressionists. Around 150 to 200 events are organised in the main cities celebrating the art: Rouen, Caen, Le Havre, Cherbourg, Giverny, Honfleur, Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, Fécamp and Saint Lô and in other smaller towns. The connection between contemporary art and Impressionism is also a theme in the concerts, major Impressionist exhibitions, installations, dance and more, including the exhibition Whistler, the Butterfly Effect at the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts Museum) in Rouen (May 24-Jul 24), and a Gwen John exhibition at the Château-Musée in Dieppe from end June to end September.

Here’s an overall view of Normandy Impressionism.

To Nov 3, 2024:  La Gacilly Photo Festival is a wonderful outdoor photo festival. For three months, hundreds of large format photos are displayed in the parks, green maze, squares and streets of the small town in Morbihan, Brittany.

La Gacilly Photo Festival with huge coloured photos of faces on outdoor panels in garden
La Gacilly Festival © JMNIRON

To Nov 3, 2024: International Garden Festival at Chaumont-sur-Loire château in the Loire Valley is a fabulous, huge Festival, the Chelsea Flower Show of France. The Château and grounds are lovely and the festival of a series of gardens from international designers always delivers some surprises.

Chaumont garden festival showing garden The Banquet. Lots of plants growing, many herbs with kilner jars in the soil
Chaumont Garden Festival 2022 – The Banquet Garden © E. Sander

To Jan, 2025: Chartres en lumières sees this wonderful city illuminated for its annual festival of light. It’s nightly so there’s no excuse to miss it.  

Chartres lit up with multi coloured lights on the cathedral
Chartres lit up © Chartres Tourist Office

Events in France starting in July 2024

Jul 1-7, 2024: Les Zaccros d’ma Rue in Nevers in the Loire Valley is as wacky as its title. Around 50 different troupes offer theatre, circus and magic with performances, brass bands, street parades, fire shows and more.

Les Zaccros festival in Nevers showing three men on stilts (giants) with one leavning down to talk to elderly couple
Les Zaccros © Olivier 2000/CC-BY-SA 3.0

Jul 1-29, 2024: Les Rencontres d’Arles is a huge, well established international photo expo, now 50 years old. Over sixty exhibitions take place in heritage locations and most of the exhibits have not been seen before.

Arles Photography Noémie Goudal. Film still from the video Below to the Deep South, 2021. showing flames rising from ground as if people burning
Arles Photography Noémie Goudal Fiilm still from the video Below to the Deep South, 2021. Courtesy of Les Filles du Calvaire gallery and the artist

Jul 2-6, 2024: Cognac Blues Passions. Taking the blues as its starting inspiration, the festival brings an eclectic mix each year. The main stage is in the public park; other musicians perform on the banks of the Charente River.

Cognac Blues Passion showing one singer on stage in black with arms upstretched and musicians behind
Cognac Blues Passion

Jul 3-23, 2024: International Festival of Art in Aix-en-Provence offers opera, classical music concerts, ballet and performances. The 75th Festival takes place in glorious buildings like the courtyard of the Archbishop’s Palace, Théâtre de l’Archevêché, Grand Théâtre de Provence, Théâtre du Jeu de Paume and Hôtel Maynier. Over 70,000 spectators attend every year.

Darkened stage lit on white figures with curious material shapes above at Ais-en-Provence festival
Aix-en-Provence Festival

Jul 4-7, 2024: The Belfort Eurockéennes is an important European outdoor festival held between hills and lakes on the  Malsaucy Lake peninsula, 7 km from Belfort. Over 100,000 people gather for the concerts that feature international stars and up-and-coming bands playing a mix of music: rock, pop, hip-hop, electro, French popular song, folk and reggae. There’s a free temporary campsite.

Sigur Ros at the Belfort Festival 2023 with face of Sigur Ros on huge screen behind grouplaying on stage
Sigur Ros at the Belfort Festival 2023

Jul 4-7, 2024: Arras in Pas de Calais hosts the Main Square Festival, presenting around 50 concerts in this beautiful city. Over 100,000 fans come for music on the two festival stages ranging from rock to electronic, pop and folk.

panoramic long picture of Main Square Festival in Arras showing huge crowds in square with stage at back and side and pillar of lights
Main Square Festival

Jul 4-Aug 24, 2024: Cannes Pyrotechnic Art Festival is a sight to behold. It takes place at 10pm on Jul 4, 14, 22, Aug 7, 15, 24. And it’s huge. On the 400-meter long sea front, over 200,000 watch it from the Croisette. But you can also see it from around the bay and if you’re at the Jazz a Juin festival it finishes the evening off with pizazz. Six different countries compete in a competition (except on July 14 which is exclusively French) for the best and spectators can vote online on the website.

Fireworks over Cannes with glorious white stars bursting in air and red and orange glows from light on water
Fireworks over Cannes © Horizon 06/CC-BY-SA 3.0

Jul 5-7, 2024: Festival du lin. The Linen festival in Le Bourg Dun in Normandy is themed around flax. Around twenty exhibitions show off traditional and contemporary textile art and there’s a fashion show, a linen fabric fair, workshops and tours of the Terre de Lin factory. (Note that the website can take a very long time to load!)

flax field in Normany with path beside purple flowering flax, made into linen
Flax field in Normandy. Public domain via Wikimedia

Jul 5-8, 2024: Calvi on the Rocks, Calvi, Corsica. On the dramatic island of Corsica, this is the chance to listen to electronic music, see performances and enjoy Corsican traditions. Take the  shuttle or walk to the beach which has Villa Schweppes’ summer residence where you can try a mojito, eat Corsican specialities and snooze afterwards. In the evenings see concerts at the Théâtre de Verdure outdoor venue or relax in the chill-out room at the harbour.

Calvi, Corsica from the Citadelle above the town with fortified walls on top of cliffs on left, and view to rocky islands and sea
Calvi from the Citadelle © Chabe01/CC-BY-SA 4.0

Jul 5-14, 2024: Colmar International Festival attracts some of the greatest talents in classical music. Chamber music, solo and full orchestras perform in three different venues with music by Tippett/Corelli, Britten, Bach, Mozart and more.

Aerial view at Colmar Festival in cathedral with striped columns. Audience in pews looking to stage with orchestra
Colmar Festival

Jul 6-Sep 8, 2024: Le Voyage Estival in Nantes has become one of the most exciting, and original, summer events in France. It’s an urban trail with works of art, some of which are new, others are created. 30 or so different works start at the former LU factory by the Canal Saint- Félix, then continue past iconic sites and buildings like the castle of the Dukes of Brittany and the Machines de l’Isle park with its grand elephant. A green line on the ground takes you along the itinerary. Don’t worry if you miss it; there is a permanent Voyage à Nantes through the city.

Miroir des Temps in Voyage a Nantes outdoor sculptures with huge mirror reflecting surrounding vegetation in park
Miroir des Temps, Voyage a Nanates © Matoo Watoo

Jul 8-18, 2024: Jazz à Juan Festival swings into this famous south of France resort with one of the best jazz festivals in Europe. The line-up is about to be announced, but the programme is always exciting with the top names. There’s an Off Festival in the streets of Antibes and Juan-les-Pins.
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View of stage at Juan les Pins jazz festival with sea in background
Juan-les-Pins Jazz

Jul 10-14, 2024: Francofolies in La Rochelle takes you into contemporary French song and music. Traditional and modern music and a series of events outside the festival help young artists develop.

Blick Blassy at Francofolies La Rochelle. Black man with glasses and necklace in ostrich feather cape
Blick Blassy at Francofolies

Jul 11-14, 2024: Vieilles Charrues or the Old Plough Festival in Carhaux-Plouguer, Finistere, Brittany is huge. Around 250,000 come to the festival which covers all the main styles including hip-hop, rock and even opera. Robbie Williams, Morcheeba, Silly Boy Blue, Blur, Red Hot Chilli Pepers and many more. There are also street art shows to see.

Old Plough Festival showing big field with tents in distance and huge wheel
Vieilles Charrues Festival © Mathieu Eza

Jul 11-14, 2024: Amundi Evian Championship features the world’s great female golfers and is the only Major in Europe. It’s played on a beautiful 18-hole golf course above Lake Geneva. Learn more about the sport at the fair where you can test gear. Get there on a free shuttle between Evian and the Golf Course.

Large white sign on golf course saying Evian championship
Evian Championship

Jul 13-20, 2024: Souillac en Jazz (Sim Copans Festival) in the Lot, Dordogne Valley offers different jazz styles in the magnificent Romanesque abbey. Around forty free concerts in the streets and Lacave Caves add to the festival.

Souillac en jazz festival showing ancient abbey and outdoor stage with performers and audience
Souillac Jazz or Sim Copans Festival

Jul 14, 2024: Bastille Day is France’s greatest holiday with celebrations throughout the country. Watch out for local events and fireworks. And also start watching out for traffic jams; it’s traditionally the start of France’s national one-month long summer vacation. Of all the events in July and throughout the year, this is the best known.

French public holidays

Fireworks over the Eiffel Tower
Bastille Day Fireworks in Paris. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons Yann Caradec

Jul 14-16, 2024: Electrobeach Festival of electronic music in Port-Barcarès, a former fishing village in Pyrénées-Orientales. Concerts on the beach and in the unusual setting of the gardens of the Lydia, once an ocean liner from the 1930s and now anchored in the sand as a museum. One of Europe’s biggest electronic music festivals attracts an audience of around 150,000.

Electrobeach Festival with large ship to right, people on beach beside it and view from behind DJ looking down from stage at boat and them
Electrobeach Festival

Jul 15-19, 2024: Nice Jazz Festival. This has always been one of the greats since it started in 1948. Two stages with simultaneous events are set up just off the Promenade des Anglais. Expect big stars though the programme has yet to be finalised.

Nice jazz festival with four black brass players on stage withpalm tress behind
Nice Jazz Festival © David Nouay/Ville de Nice

Jul 16-20, 2024: Festival of 1001 Notes in Limoges taking classical music as its starting point but incorporating jazz and world music. It’s a festival to see up-and-coming artists, one of whom can shadow and collaborate with one of the top names in classical music.
In the intervals there are dinners and picnics and after the concert there’s a chance to meet with the artists and others in the bar.

Black jazz singer Barbara Hendricks on right of picture lit on darkened stage carrying microphone to mouth and wearing red and black. Looking cool
Barbara Hendricks at Festival of 1001 Notes

Jul 16-21, 2024: Equestria, Tarbes, Hautes-Pyrénées. The National Stud Farm in Tarbes puts on this exceptional equestrian show every year.  Over 400 horses and 500 performers from the arts and the equestrian world perform a series of newly created choreographed events in the different rings. There are some pretty stunning tricks to see. And make for the village for something different.

Equestria trick woman rider on galloping horse with her hanging out of saddle by one foot close to ground

Jul 18-21, 2024: Cornouaille Festival, Quimper, Brittany. This is for anyone interested in Breton culture as well as other Celtic traditions, with over 250,000 spectators attending each year. Over 200 shows and events, most of them free, showcase the trades of the past, bell-ringers and more. An antique markets and booksellers fill the quayside.

Cornwall Festival Brittany with performer on guitar in middle of floor with dancers around him
Cornwall Festival – Ronan LeGougierec © Eric Legret

Jul 18-Aug 4, 2024: Jazz in Marciac, Gers, Occitanie. This great jazz festival attracts over 200,000 people each year to listen to the likes of Melody Gardot, Anthony Strong and the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra, James Blunt, Gogo Penguin and Jamie Cullum and Wynton Marsalis. There’s also a fringe festival on the main square.

Joe Bonamassa on stage at Marciac jazz; mainly blue, him in suit with guitar
Joe Bonamassa at Marciac Jazz Festival © Laurent Sabathe

Jul 19-21, 2024: Les Escales World Music Festival, Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique. Down in the town’s harbour, Les Escales is a feast of traditional and contemporary multi-cultural music. Around 40,000 people gather for around 50 concerts on 5 stages. Hip-Hop, Rock, Globe-Trotter, Rap, Techno-Disco…you name it, you’ll find it here. Street shows and exhibitions complete the attractions.
More about Saint-Nazaire – a city well worth a visit.

Les Escales Saint Nazaire festival with people with marks and make up and hoodies in dark outside main entrance
Les Escales © Philippine Lescure

Jul 20-Aug 20, 2024:  International Piano Festival, widely regarded as one of the most important piano festivals in the world, takes place in La Roque d’Anthéron, just 25 kms from Aix-en-Provence. Outdoor and indoor concerts.

La Roque d’Anthéron piano festival with arena looking like an armadillo with overhapping panels at night on hillside with stage and one pianist
La Roque d’Anthéron Piano Festival

In the intervals there are dinners and picnics and after the concert there’s a chance to meet with the artists and others in the bar.

Jul 28-Aug 8: Pablo Casals Festival. Since 1950, world famous soloists, and up and coming young groups, have performed in  Prades in Pyrénées-Orientales. The festival, which takes place in historic religious buildings like the Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa, focuses on chamber music from Bach to Mozert, as well as contemporary works. Also here: meetings with artists and film screenings.

Abbey de Cuxa, showing mix of buildings of warm stone walls, small windows and red tiled rooves with green fir trees
Abbey de Cuxa

Jul 25-27, 2024: Cognac Festival in Charente promotes the region’s wine and spirit products and local food (Charentais melon and local oysters, mussels, meat, cheeses and more). Walk along the marina past the fishermen’s huts specially converted for the event and sit and sample. In the evenings, two concerts take place with top musicians.

Cognac Festival with dark stage against night sky and huge red and white flashes coming off stage lights
Cognac Festival @Albane-Photographe

Jul 26, 2024: Garlic and Basilic Fair in the main square of Tours in the Loire Valley is a site to behold (and to smell). If you think you know your garlic, think again.

Garlic and Basil Fair with man in hat with moustache and apron pointing to huge bunchesof garlic hung up on his stall
Garlic and Basil Fair in Tours

Loire Valley Drive from Tours to Saumur

Jul 26-Aug 11, 2024: The Paris Olympics is the biggest event in France and Europe this year, along with the Paris Paralympics. Paris will see some 15 million visitors to the capital, of which around 500,000 will be British.
Here’s a Guide to the Paris Olympics

Image of Eiffel Tower Stadium for Paris Olympics 2024 with tower in background against blue sky and clouds, stands on both sides and sandy arena in front
Eiffel Tower Stadium for Paris Olympics 2024

Jul 27-Aug 2, 2024: Le Festival du film de Lama in Corsica takes place in a medieval village. Around 20 feature film premières, programmes for children, a short film competition and documentary screenings take the theme of the rural world in France and abroad. The festival is at three different places: the swimming pool (great views of the mountains), Place de l’Umbria and the Mercatu in the village’s centre (cushions and pillows provided).

Lama film Festival, Corsica. Umbria stage showing empty seats on sand facing big wooden building with screen
Lama Festival – Umbria stage

Jul 29-Aug 10, 2024: Festival Saint-Céré, Saint-Céré, Lot. The delightful town hosts a lyric festival with four alternating shows and 40 events performed in the town and throughout the Lot department. The productions then tour France during the following winter.

From Saint-Céré you can see the towers of the Saint-Laurent-les-Tours castle where the artist Jean Lurçat lived and worked…and during World War II operated a secret radio for the French Resistance. He’s best known as a driving force in the creation of modern French tapestry in the 20th century.

Here’s the Story of Tapestry in France

Saint-Cere Festival at night in the Castelnau Bretenoux Castle with lit stage in front of huge castle towers and audience to right
Saint-Céré Festival at the Castelnau Bretenoux Castle
Jean Lurcat Museum in the Lot with old medieval long room with wooden beamed ceiling and his tapestries along walls
Jean Lurçat Museum © Atelier-Musée Jean Lurçat – Nelly Blaya – Conseil Général du Lot

Events in France in 2024

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